What Are Some Good Exercises to Lose Belly Fat?

by Laura Bench

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As a trainer, this may be the number one question I get from people in the gym. “What are some good exercises to lose belly fat?” So I’m going to give you the same answer I tell everyone. Although I can’t guarantee it’s the easy, quick-fix answer you were hoping for, what I can guarantee is that this’ll open up your eyes to a whole different style of training that is proven to help shed fat!

Read this carefully…

Direct abdominal training exercises will not get you a lean stomach.

I repeat. Doing 100’s of crunches whether on the floor, a ball, or on a silly “ab gadget” from an infomercial will NOT help burn stomach fat!

No matter how many abdominal exercises you perform you’re not going to see the fruits of your labor without cleaning up your diet and reducing the amount of body fat that covers your midsection. Diet is the missing link for almost all people.

If crunches aren’t best, then what is?

Even though ab exercises won’t do the trick, a strong core is still important for keeping your body healthy and protecting your spine. If you don’t have much belly fat, then ab workouts will certainly help you obtain definition to your abs. After all, there is a time and place for everything. However, most of us will get great results by putting our efforts toward full body workouts that create the greatest metabolic and fat burning response in the body.

Most people think the only way to train your abs is by floor exercises such as leg raises, bicycle crunch, pikes, and standard crunches. What they don’t realize is how effective stabilization exercises are such as squats, jump squats, variations of plank holds, and mountain climbers. These are all compound exercises that are performed at a higher intensity and are much more effective in increasing your metabolism and burns more calories throughout the day. This in return will help you lose your love handles and belly fat.

A total body circuit that also targets the abs is listed below to help you get started. If you’re just starting out, keep your repetitions or time lower until you gain strength to advance.

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Perform first circuit 2-3 times then move on to the second circuit and complete 2-3 times. Take little to no rest in between each set. Allow a 1-2 minute rest in between circuits before moving on. Remember to keep your abs engaged throughout the entire workout to reap the most benefit.

Circuit #1

Squats to over-head dumbbell press (20 reps)

Burpees (10 reps)

Push-ups to single-arm dumbbell rows (20 reps; 10 each side Modify: on knees)

Circuit #2

Reverse lunge with knee lift (15 reps each leg)

Jump Squats (30 reps)

Mt. Climbers (30; 15 each side)

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