Does Walking Help Lose Belly Fat?

by Laura Bench

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woman walking on incline treadmill

Does walking help lose belly fat? To answer that I would have to say yes, it can. However, there’s a big difference between walking for health and walking for fat loss.

  • You will not lose stubborn belly fat by having the death grip on the handles of a treadmill walking a 2.5 M.P.H.
  • If you’re hunched over reading today’s newspaper while walking, you will not lose belly fat.
  • And you will certainly not lose an ounce of belly fat if you are tapping out at 10 minutes.

But if you want walking to become an excellent fat burning workout, you’ll need to push yourself and it can certainly be done.

To Maximize Results Try Interval Training…

If fat loss is your goal, you should get in at least 30-60 minutes several days of the week. But to maximize your results, incorporate interval training. This simply means you perform at a greater intensity for a short period of time, and then recover at a normal pace.

I personally love doing interval training and find it very effective for fat loss. For example, on a treadmill I will start out walking at a 3.6 M.P.H. at an incline of 4%. Then for 60-90 seconds I’ll keep my speed the same but change the incline up to 8%. After my minute is up I’ll bring it back down to 4% to recover, and then repeat. Each intense interval I try to increase the incline a little bit higher to push myself so that by the last interval I’m walking at a 15% incline. Obviously everyone will be at a different fitness level, so certainly adjust your workout to what works for you. The point here is to put yourself in an uncomfortable position for a short period of time and work hard!

Other Tips on Walking to Lose Belly Fat

Prevent Boredom

Think of it this way. “If you’re bored, your body is bored” and two things could happen. First, your body will most likely stop making changes as you continue your monotonous routine. Secondly, you will quit the exercise all together, or both.  Prevent this by planning a different route each day or week so you’re not bored with surroundings. Take a break from your gym in the summer and walk your neighborhood or park instead. Give the treadmill walking a break and try a totally different piece of equipment such as an elliptical or rowing machine.

Interval Walking

Just as mentioned earlier, you can blast belly fat with bursts of high intensity intervals. Change the speeds you walk, the inclines you go up, or even run a short distance and walk to recover. If you’re walking outside, find hills to go up. You can also speed walk outside or on a treadmill for short bursts of 30-60 seconds, recover at a normal pace for 30-60 seconds, and then repeat. High intensity interval training burns more calories in a single workout than low intensity cardio. Plus when working at a tougher pace, it requires less time so you’re workouts will be harder but shorter.

Motivate with Music

A silly trick that keeps me motivated is keeping my iPod up to date with new music. I’ve gone many months without updating song choices and I get so bored listening to the same 8 songs because I can’t stand the other 100+ that I’ve had on there for years! Anyone else guilty of this? So to revamp my motivation to stay in the gym I add new music whether it’s old rock, up-tempo, or even a podcast to listen to. Anything that will keep me focused and energized to get me through the workout.

Buddy System

Unless you enjoy doing 5K’s or Marathons, who actually loves to do hours of cardio a week? Definitely not me…I’d much rather bang some weights around. This is why a buddy system could work great for those that don’t really care to do cardio and find themselves quitting after only 15 minutes into it. You can schedule with a friend, family member or your spouse to meet up with to help knockout a 30-45 minute walk. This way you have that accountability to get it done, you can push each other to go harder or further and even enjoy friendly conversations.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with going on a nice leisurely walk sometimes just to relieve stress and take it easy. But if losing belly fat is my mission, then you better believe I’m picking up the intensity. Trust me, it works!

Do you enjoy doing cardio?

If so, what type of cardio do you mostly do?

Share your answers in the comment section below and if you found this post useful, please do me a quick favor and share it!

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