This is one of my all time favorite recipes. Why? Because it’s a healthy, cheap, and an easy way to create a delicious Mexican-style meal the whole family will enjoy. Plus, who doesn’t love using a crock pot when you’re pushed for time after a long day at work and running the kids to practice. Heck, I don’t even have kids yet and the crock pot is my BFF. This healthy option is a great alternative to running through the drive-thru when you know it’s waiting for you at home.

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People exercising in a gym

Getting to the gym to workout can be tough when you’ve got a packed schedule. Then once you do get there, the distractions and lack of motivation can really drag it out. It’s no surprise that many of us are trying to minimize our gym time. So here are my top 5 gym workout tips to get the most out of your workouts, while still maximizing fat loss and lean muscle growth.

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skinny fat person pinching fat

Losing weight can be difficult for a lot of people, but what if you don’t want to lose any more weight because you already feel skinny. Instead you want to lose belly fat without losing weight because you’re already at a decent weight and if you lose any more you may look like a bean pole.

I call this the “skinny fat” dilemma. You are scared to lose any more weight because your arms and legs are already thin, but your stomach sticks out like you’re pregnant. Having extra chub on your belly can be really embarrassing, especially if you want to impress someone but you’re scared they will see what is hiding behind the shirt.

I know you have tried various diet and exercise programs and you may be scared if you lose weight, you may lose your lean, toned muscle which you have worked hard for. This can really be a tough situation to be in. Continue Reading…

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Woman licking sugar off lips

This one simple strategy I’m revealing to you is the quickest way to lose belly fat for women. I understand it’s overwhelming to change everything in your diet. It can be frustrating and time consuming to not only learn all the do’s and don’ts, but then to apply it all just to possibly lose a few pounds. That’s why I’m giving you my best secret to losing belly fat without calorie counting, practicing portion control or starving yourself. It does require a little label reading on foods, but I promise you the results you’ll get will be worth it!
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Jorden Bench drinking raw egg

How to get more protein in your diet is always a common frustration for people looking to eat healthy balanced meals. Carbohydrates and fats are typically easier for us to consume, but most of us run short on the appropriate amount of protein our bodies need.

How do you know if you’re running short on protein? Do you crave sugar often? Does your energy levels increase after a meal but an hour later come crashing down? How about your skin, hair and nails–looking a little dry and brittle? All those symptoms are due to Continue Reading…


no sign with soy, sugar free, and trans fat

French fries, fast food burgers, and bakery desserts are all unhealthy foods you know to avoid when eating to lose stomach fat. But did you know there’s claimed healthy food that is not healthy for you after all? Ever wonder why you still can’t lose the weight and feel great even when you’re trying to eat healthier? It might be because some so-called “health foods” are not what they seem and could actually be packing on the pounds! The 3 unhealthy “health foods” that you may currently be eating daily are yogurt, peanut butter, and soy products.

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Jorden Bench men's ab workout

If you’re a guy who is looking to get cut and lose the extra belly fat, I have 5 of the best exercises to lose belly fat for men. These are my go-to exercises I use when I’m looking to get shredded. These exercises incorporate cardio, control, strength and stamina.

One of the biggest problems I see people do when performing ab exercises is they go way too fast and lose proper form. Ab exercises should be slow and controlled to where you can feel each muscle being worked and utilized. This is part of the mind-body connection. The more “in-tune” you are with your body, the more you will get out of your workout.  I always ask myself during every exercise, “can I feel the specific muscle being worked?”  An example of wrong form would be going too fast when doing bicycle kicks. This exercises needs to be slow, focused and controlled. If you go at a quick rate you will lose the “mind-body connection” and you won’t benefit from the workout like you should have. Continue Reading…

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Healthy Meat lovers pizza

These healthier pizza recipes are not necessarily a diet food that should be eaten often. However, when you are craving such a popular weekend food, instead of buying from a pizza place try making your own at home. It will not only save you tons of calories, fat and sodium, but also makes it for a fun night at home making it together.

We made one with guys’ typical appetite in mind as a Meat Lover’s pizza. The other is a Veggie pizza and has ladies concerns in mind, as it is Continue Reading…


healthy chocolate smoothie dairy free

Whether you’re vegetarian, have a dairy intolerance, or just eating more protein, this is a healthy chocolate smoothie you’ll want to try. I used almond milk instead of cow’s milk, and my favorite plant protein powder by Life’s Basic instead of whey protein.  I’ve tried many chalky, bland plant-based proteins, but this one is great! Of course you can use a chocolate whey protein powder if you don’t have a problem digesting dairy products.

My secret hidden weapon in this smoothie is the power food Continue Reading…

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cartoon women bodybuilderAre you guilty of it?

Have you ever noticed that almost all women that go to the gym head straight for a treadmill, elliptical or aerobics class? Seriously, pay attention next time and watch for yourself. Why do you think this is? And are you guilty of it as well?  I’ve personally watched this for many years because most times I’m the only girl in the free weight room. Is it because of intimidation? Maybe. Self-conscious? It’s possible. But what if I told you it’s because for years you’ve been fed false information and had this misconception that weights were the enemy. That if you did strength training you’d develop a “manly” look. There are numerous other strength training myths for women out there, but below I’m giving you my top 3 that I feel definitely needs to be debunked. Continue Reading…